21st: One Quality I Find Most Attractive About


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I glorify change. Change is good and vital. It’s part of growing up and it’s inevitable. When you think you need to change, I admire that. What it means to me is that you are able to walk away from something that held you down for years. When you start changing and outgrow what you need to outgrow, that really is a brave thing to do. I think that when you change, you can realize new horizons you were not able to see through. Opportunities will start pouring in and new journeys will open. The future will become clearer for you and maturity will take a hold of you, and I think that’s a good thing because you need this for yourself and not for everyone else.

In order to take that big leap of change, sometimes you need to be selfish. Your self needs that because no one will ever take great care of you but yourself. You need to learn to say no when you needed to and prioritize your self-care needs because you need to be physically, emotionally and mentally stable. You also need to take time off to be yourself and to treat yourself as a goddess that you should be. We only have one mind, one heart and one body and treating yourself like a servant treats a queen is sometimes all you need to survive.

And when you finally changed into something so beautiful, don’t forget to focus on something you really want. Self-love goes a long way and your dreams should go with it too. You need a drive to move forward. You need to build stability in order to reach those goals you always have. Just let go and glow.

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Built and Forged

We made a lot of friends through the years. Some came and went, others stayed. Some became enemies, others became strangers but with mutual feelings. The ones who stayed became for keeps and if we are not friends with them, we don’t know what kinds of people we are going to be.

They say this a lot, “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” It’s definitely important to associate your self with someone who does good and who only want what is best for you. Sometimes we need to consider who to trust and who to keep a close watch with because other than our families, they had the most influence in our whole being.

Today’s list is all about the friends I have made from when I was little up until I became a person who I always wanted to be.


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I can only remember a small glimpse of what my kindergarten looked like. I am always been the shy type and I only made friends with my seatmates. I never talked to anyone except with the kids who sat beside me but I remember knowing all of them and only smiling to them when they smile at me first. I’m never been a fan of school anyway and I only went because my mom told me so.


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In elementary, I remember that we played all the time and that there have been a lot of goofs going around whenever classes are out. I basically made friends with everyone and some of them are still my friends up until today. I remembered being bullied for just a short amount of time (thank God!). I met my first crush when I was in third grade and there have been a lot of activities and school works but I survived those. I was definitely shy and I’m just glad I made a lot of friends who helped me through those years.


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High school definitely was full of drama and awkward phases. I was active in high school so I definitely went to a lot of camps and schools out of town. I was friends with a lot of students because I was involved in school government and also because my mom is a teacher there. I think students had that respect for me because I had that leverage from them. Also, I had my first boyfriend in high school. I became more aware of my identity and I made a lot of lifelong friends. It was that easy for me because I had the support from those people who became family for four years. It was all laughs and games and I can never imagine my life without them.


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College is all about survival. Everything I went through is for surviving and I made friends with such a cool bunch throughout those difficult years. We needed each others’ support and we cared about each other. When you’ve been friends with the same familiar people, I realize that it’s harder making one when you’re older. And when you are preparing yourself for the bigger picture, it’s truly nice to have someone to rely to and to get some much needed support from, emotionally and mentally. The hardest part about maintaining my relationship with them though is planning quality time with them. We live really far from each other and we can’t see each other for months but it’s a good thing that we live in a modern world and my friends are just one chat away.


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Adulthood is far more different than making friends in school. Now that I’m a professional, I started making friends with professionals too by joining a local organization. I think I need that leverage and that kind of familiarity to be able to prepare my self for my chosen career. I associated myself with people who have more experience than me so that I could get myself around the workplace and the society all in all.

So far, everything worked fine for me. I already started preparing my social stamina so that I could build and forge more in the following years. I am beyond grateful for those steps I took and blessed to be able to rise up every time I trip. I am thankful for the friends I made along the way. They have been very helpful to me and I’m keeping them as long as I could. It’s been one hell of a ride with them and I couldn’t ask for more!

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5 Basic Rules a Friendship Needs

We’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs with our BFFs. We’ve had their backs since day one. We had shared a hell of a laugh and shed tons of tears with them. They are basically a part of our being and we can’t see ourselves going through life without them. We have seen them in their truest form but we love them still. If these are not what friendship is all about, I don’t know what is.

You might say that there are no rules when it comes to friendship. That true friendship doesn’t have to be this hard to maintain. That if we wanna be friends with certain people, we’ll just go with the flow and let life take you to who you’re meant to be with.

Well, I think that we have been applying these rules already. Anyway, they are the most basic rules that ever existed. And even if you’re aware of these or not, if you really love your bunch then you have been doing these your whole life!


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Rule #1: Only wanting what’s best for them. We’ve been entirely devoted to the things that make them happy. We’ve been dealing with their heavy sighs and sad hearts for a long time. We are their sunshine when things get a little gloomy. We are their rainbows after a heavy rain. We have embraced every joys they had and hugged it out when the going gets tough. We also owe everything to them too, for being there when we need them the most. We entirely love each other that we would do anything for each others happiness and well-being.


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Rule #2: Make the time. The busy life is inevitable. While we work our asses off to boost our career, we tend to forget to make time for our friends. While getting busy and focusing on work is good, meet-ups with them on the weekends are a must. We need to make time and spare some for our friends to keep us sane and to catch up on what’s the latest. We also need to boost our social well-being and being with our friends is the most gratifying thing we will ever need for our mind and soul.


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Rule #3: Support common and uncommon interests. Even when we are in a bunch, we are still different individuals with varied interests. We must learn to be supportive of the things that make our friends happy. We must be there to give our insights about their passions and to guide them on the things that will reach their goals. We might be friends with them but we don’t have the right to stop them for wanting what they want. The only grand thing we can do for them is to pat their backs when they fall or clap to them when they succeed.


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Rule #4: Be partners in crime. What is a friendship without tons of fun? A boring one that is. Having some friends around is what silly dancing and out-of-town road trips are made of. We can’t be the person we are today without their perks and habits. We have already obtained some of their personalities, that is why it’s best to associate ourselves with people who only want what’s best for us too. Someone who our families trust and who will never break that trust.


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Rule #5: Point out friendship flaws and embrace them. Because all of us are diverse, we can’t help but have little fights sometimes. There are misunderstandings and disappointments that will surface but that is how friendship works. We can’t avoid it instead, we should embrace it and find ways to deal with it. Only by finding the very best solution will grant us an everlasting and stronger bond. We just need to be open-minded and let the possibilities come through.


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If You’re Reading This, I’m Already Drowning

I don’t even know where to start. I’m here because I can’t fall asleep even if I’m too tired. My mind is full of racing thoughts and my heart’s beating really fast. And at this point, I’m already crying and I don’t even know why.

The worst kinds of demons are what’s inside your head. They can ruin everything -your relationships, your career and your life. All of a sudden everything began to look bleak. And the people who are closest to me don’t deserve this and they don’t deserve to know this part of me. I am slowly drowning and the scariest part is I can’t even save me from me.

I am so disappointed with my self. I can’t even think straight and  I’ve been telling myself this whole time that this will pass, but when? I am already exhausted and I really need sleep. And I hate myself for feeling this way:

For the feeling of not being good enough and constantly disappointing someone. I feel like I’m the one who ruins the fun in this relationship and I feel mostly guilty about it. And for not telling you this worst part of me. I’m sorry.

For the feeling of hiding away and running away. Probably to a place where no one knows me. I just wanna be a stranger in an unfamiliar place.

For the feeling of total exhaustion even though I’ve been sleeping and taking a lot of time to rest.

For the feeling of having a lot of friends but not wanting to see them and when asked what’s wrong, I just say “I’m fine.” even though I’m totally not.

For over-thinking.




Why You Need to be Alone Sometimes

Inner peace can only be achieved when you are sensible with your own mind, body and spirit. Sometimes you need to take some time off and be socially unavailable for a few hours in order to dig deeper into your inner self. This does not mean you are submitting yourself into loneliness. It is simply appreciating your own company while gaining the perks of it.

So why do you need to be alone sometimes?

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  • Being alone will allow you to recharge. You need to regain some of your self after being busy the whole week. This is not a task, this is a need. You’ve wasted so much of yourself pouring all your energy and effort into your work and with catching up with your family and friends, and now it’s time to take some much needed ‘me’ time. Cozy up and take some rest.


  • Being alone will help you be aware of your emotions. You must realize that your emotional well-being does not depend on others. You need to be conscious with your own feelings and your own values to achieve that healthy emotional glow. You are incredibly capable of nurturing yourself but first, you must believe in yourself that you can!


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  • Being alone will help you realize that you don’t need validation from others. You must appreciate your own worth and that no one can define you other than yourself. You must remember that people will always have an opinion about you but learning to mind your own business will actually help you grow stronger and happier.
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  • Being alone can help kick-start your passion. Your mind is full of wonders and imagination strikes when you have a clear mind and a positive vibe. Do not take it for granted. Submit yourself into it and allow the world pass by while doing what you love the most. And when you have more ideas but a little amount of time left, write them down and get back to it when you already want to.


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  • Being alone will assist you to rule your life. Rocking solo time will actually help you become more confident and independent with yourself. You will be able to think things through and you are more capable of leading your life successfully. You are most likely be grateful with the things you have and happiest with the way you already are.

Remember that your mind is as vast as the universe. You sometimes get lost in it and other times you are aware of it. Being in a state of healthy solitude can actually provide you with things that are more important in life. By finding your inner self, you will be ready to rule your world on your own.

x   o   x   o

Finding your Safe Havens

With a new day comes a new anxiety. We struggle everyday to find peace within ourselves and we mentally and physically fight our stressors out. We’ve been doing this for a long time and even though we survive every night, we are confronted with another problem every day. Can we truly win this war with our minds? Of course, we can. By setting some safe havens within ourselves and making it a habit everyday, we can be peacefully happy and productively carry on with our life.

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  • Take a few minutes everyday to realize what you already have and be mindful and grateful. It’s the simple things that count and be proud of what you have already achieved. Breathe deeply and unplug and you’ll easily notice these things that truly matter.


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  • Take some time to blog or journal about your feelings and struggles. Writing is a form of therapy and pouring everything out helps to make you feel at ease. This also allows you to reflect on what you have been through and help you realize the things you need to change in order to be able to obtain that positive life.


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  • Drink some coffee or tea. Coffee actually improves your energy levels and can boost your mood. It is a mild antidepressant and it increases your Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate emotional responses. Tea is also awesome for your health. It has less caffeine than coffee and it reduces cortisol levels which is the stress hormone.


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  • Read a good book or browse through one chapter everyday. Make this a habit and you’ll gain new knowledge and mindsets to what you have read. Drown yourself to new stories and be mindful of each words. It can help you a lot as this takes your mind off your troubled thoughts.


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  • Take a walk outside. Just take a break, walk and notice your surroundings. This will ease your mind and give you a fresh perspective. Sometimes when you’re drowning yourself into the work week, just the act of stepping your feet outside can help you realize that the world is vast and your worries are just tiny dots you can survive at.

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Alone But Never Lonely

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I identify myself as one of those many people who is completely okay to stay single. It’s frustrating to know that some crowds would justify singleness as someone (1) who has trust issues and would never date ever again, (2) who has probably some issues within himself/herself and that’s why he/she is not suitable to be loved at all, and (3) other issues that mainly downgrade a person’s self-esteem and self-worth. For what it’s worth, being single is likened to a season – a season of growth and/or renewal.

I’m lying if I said I don’t want to be in a relationship. I am a hopeless romantic freak. I feed my soul with every chic flicks and drown myself into romantic novels. I even listen to podcasts about love and redemption every morning before I get out of bed. What I’m saying is, I do want love but I want it to come in its own perfect timing.

I don’t want to rush everything right now. I’m young and contented of what I have become. Right now I have all the time to think and reflect on the many things that matter the most and I am just waiting for that time when I’m finally ready to get on with my life. And being alone has allowed me to redirect my priorities and goals into the brighter aspect of the spectrum.

It has never crossed my mind that being single made me less of a person. I am actually gaining more of myself than I ever thought. It made me realize that my world doesn’t have to revolve into one person’s orbit only. I have a supportive family and an incredible sets of friends, and I associate myself with them too often that I forget I am in a state of being single. They give me a sense of purpose just by being there and if it does not validate how blessed I am, I don’t know what will.

I am hopeful that whenever my forever person comes knocking at my door, I’m already ready to begin a new chapter of my life. In all honesty, I am not asking for him to hurry. He should take his time because I still have to hustle to get to wherever I want to be. Right now I still want to be selfish with myself and with my time. As cliché as it may sound, I still want to savor every bite of my freedom.

x   o   x   o

Too Ironic To Ponder



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I’m always convinced that my thoughts and emotions are pulling me into the depths of damnation. My anxiety and sadness are, I guess, my lifetime friends and I cannot in any way get rid of them. I give myself pep talks sometimes to persuade myself to allow them to walk side by side with me but never give them a chance to get ahead of me, and somehow that works pretty much fine.

Today I learned that these so-called friends of mine can be great companions too. I realized that if I can’t make them leave, I can actually use them into something more useful and productive. By utilizing them and making them beneficial to my well-being, these inevitable thoughts and feelings can be a start of a passion that could fuel some drive deep within me.

Delving deeper into these things made me realize that I am, in fact, already using my overthinking mind and sad heart into something fruitful. The main reason I started this blog was for me to be able to write about my daily fashion excursions. But being a person full of sentiments and occupied with a lot about the smallest things, this blog is more proper for those muddled thinking.

I am a bit amused of myself because I never thought I can make these weaknesses turn into my strongest assets. Who would have thought that these crippling emotions and these devastating thoughts could blossom into the life full of positive vibes and internal stillness? Life is ironic, indeed.

To be honest, I never thought I could write things like these five years ago. I always envisioned myself to be someone who would write more about the latest fashion trends and to post new OOTDs every single day. I would have been a new fashion blogger on the block. I am more interested in those kinds of things only to realize that they were a temporary distraction from what I really feel. Truly, life is really not what it seems.

x   o   x   o

Internal Battle

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Negativity – a complex prison my mind can’t seem to get out of. I’ve been dwelling in this inner sanctum for years and all I ever wanted was to break free. Sometimes it’s easy for me to say that I’m already positive and so full of life yet I’m back again. I’m back to being miserable and sad.

I always thought I already have my life together. Maybe I already have but my unhappy thoughts would always get the best of me. They’re always ahead of me every step of the way and even if I could shake them off, they somehow creep back into me. I hate it.

I may be free but my mind has always been a captive. It’s surreal how one moment I am my jolly self and the next thing I know I’m already ruined. With this situation I’m in, I am just really appreciative of the little things and the moments when I can be with my happy self again. I grab them as best as I could because they don’t linger too long too often. I keep hoping they never go away.

I wish I knew how to break out of this system permanently. I’m glad I could write all my feelings out. I’m proud of myself for not thinking about taking my own life. I’m thankful that I have family and friends who are only a call away. They can really help me win this internal battle I’m in. So far they haven’t asked me how I tend to get myself into this kind of internal mess but somehow their existence give me enough courage and hope to fight and win my troubles away.

My thoughts are also with those people who never got the chance to get out alive. I’m crushed every time news about depression and suicide appear on our television and smartphone screens. I think about the things they’d been through and I always ask myself if they ever had a chance to tell someone what they were going through, and if those people took a moment to focus on them or did they shrugged them off. I am still full of questions and concerns because I have an understanding of what they were going through and it’s not that easy as what everybody think it is.

Negativity is a complexity. The sad thing about it is that you can’t even see it coming and when it has taken over your mind, you cannot even resist it. You just know you’re doomed to fight and if you’re strong enough, you’ll manage to rise up.

x   o   x   o

You’re Only In Your Twenties Once

Living in your twenties is a pretty huge deal. It’s merely the time to get free and explore not only the world but also yourself. Things are starting to shape up and make sense, and the adult life starts to loom around. It may be true that this is the time for us to get our shit together and face the reality headstrong but keep in mind that this is also the right time to make mistakes and truly learn from them.

When you’re in your twenties, personal growth is either rampant or restrained. Things may spurt out or things may slow down. There is no in-between. Your own personal choices are what’s keeping you going or what’s keeping you stagnant. Whatever the situation you’re in, keep in mind that everything is happening for reasons that you’ll most likely figure out when the right time comes. It’s always never too late when you’re in your twenties.

I’m only 21 years old but don’t get me wrong. Because we are only in our twenties once, I’ve come up with a list that we, twenty-somethings should be doing to make the most out of this decade.

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Plan a getaway with your friends. It’s always better to explore the great outdoors with great friends. It’s not really that expensive when you do it right. You can always start with your city and make your way to your neighboring cities. When your bank account permits, you can perhaps travel to other countries. Either way, the experiences you’ll have in the whole scale of the trip will always be memorable. Remember that it gets harder finding the right schedule when you’re older so now’s the best time!

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Learn more about your roots. It’s about time you realize that as you grow older, your elders are not getting any younger as well. It’s only fitting that you should start asking more about your ancestors and your family history. Make notes and timelines because this will also serve as a legacy to your children and their children as well.

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Spend more time with your little siblings and/or cousins. At this point in time, they basically look up to you as the big boss to everything. They will expect you to decide for them and they will respect you no matter what. You’ll have more fun together and you will surely enjoy their innocence. But the main reason for this is that when you’re older, you’ll get caught up with work and even your own family that you’ll never have the time to mingle with them anymore. Plus, when they’re older, it’s more likely they’ll never gonna listen to you any longer.

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Up your culinary game. You cannot just settle with ramen for the rest of your life. Lift up your cooking skills in your 20s and you’ll never have to worry about hosting a dinner party later in life. You’ll also most likely to impress a special someone with your culinary prowess because food is always the key to the heart, right?

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Take good quality portraits. And if you can have them developed, do it too. These photos will remind you of great memories and it’s always fun to place them in photo albums or display them in picture frames. It elevates its sentimentality more and it will remind you later of how you looked and how it felt like to be in your 20s. Selfies doesn’t count and the studio-type photos are not necessary. Just be yourself and do you!

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Build good habits. Self-discipline should start now. Wake up early, take a morning run, get organized and manage your time. Now’s the right time to take care of yourself and your habits. You are not in high school anymore so set your priorities straight and do great things by starting small and start it with yourself.

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Learn from people who already have made it. Always seek advice from these people because they already are the wisest. Talk with them more often and learn from their experiences. They will always have something to offer and their wisdom is the greatest thing you’ll ever have. Sometimes you won’t agree with them too much but time will come when every little details they shared will make great sense.

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Don’t be so hard on yourself. In your early twenties, there will come a time when you’ll feel like your life is too stagnant and there will always that feeling of getting left behind. Don’t get this feeling corrupt you. Things are not getting easier and the pressure is always on but just take a deep breath and know that things will come at the right time and you’ll do great at your own pace.

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