Here by: Alessia Cara

I’m addicted to Alessia Cara’s song Here because it kinda represents me as a person. I love parties but not those kinds where I don’t know everyone. I’d rather throw a party with a small group of people provided that I know them all, heart and soul. You know what I mean?

It’s been like a culture already for us youngsters to have parties all the time. I, too, likes to hold house parties but I don’t invite a lot of people. I only welcome those who are closest to me and they are enough for a night of shenanigans.

Well you might say that I have an introvert personality but that’s me and I can never change me. I love meeting new people but I never want to meet them all at once. I like to keep things easy and I only want to meet people one by one. It’s actually draining if a lot of unknown people surrounds me.

I am an alone person. I get things done when I’m alone. I am happy when I’m alone. But I also know the importance of being with someone. I appreciate my friends for being there, all of them. They serve as my emotional wall and I understand that God gave them to me to laugh with me, to be able to be shoulders where I could cry on, and to be able to encourage me to do things beyond my ability. I am thankful for that but sometimes, being alone is what a person needs also. It’s how I learn to be happy, to be free, to be independent and to be confident in my own skin.

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