21st: One Quality I Find Most Attractive About


Photo: Girl by Bogdan Ross

I glorify change. Change is good and vital. It’s part of growing up and it’s inevitable. When you think you need to change, I admire that. What it means to me is that you are able to walk away from something that held you down for years. When you start changing and outgrow what you need to outgrow, that really is a brave thing to do. I think that when you change, you can realize new horizons you were not able to see through. Opportunities will start pouring in and new journeys will open. The future will become clearer for you and maturity will take a hold of you, and I think that’s a good thing because you need this for yourself and not for everyone else.

In order to take that big leap of change, sometimes you need to be selfish. Your self needs that because no one will ever take great care of you but yourself. You need to learn to say no when you needed to and prioritize your self-care needs because you need to be physically, emotionally and mentally stable. You also need to take time off to be yourself and to treat yourself as a goddess that you should be. We only have one mind, one heart and one body and treating yourself like a servant treats a queen is sometimes all you need to survive.

And when you finally changed into something so beautiful, don’t forget to focus on something you really want. Self-love goes a long way and your dreams should go with it too. You need a drive to move forward. You need to build stability in order to reach those goals you always have. Just let go and glow.

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