Built and Forged

We made a lot of friends through the years. Some came and went, others stayed. Some became enemies, others became strangers but with mutual feelings. The ones who stayed became for keeps and if we are not friends with them, we don’t know what kinds of people we are going to be.

They say this a lot, “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” It’s definitely important to associate your self with someone who does good and who only want what is best for you. Sometimes we need to consider who to trust and who to keep a close watch with because other than our families, they had the most influence in our whole being.

Today’s list is all about the friends I have made from when I was little up until I became a person who I always wanted to be.


Photo: Oui Oui

I can only remember a small glimpse of what my kindergarten looked like. I am always been the shy type and I only made friends with my seatmates. I never talked to anyone except with the kids who sat beside me but I remember knowing all of them and only smiling to them when they smile at me first. I’m never been a fan of school anyway and I only went because my mom told me so.


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In elementary, I remember that we played all the time and that there have been a lot of goofs going around whenever classes are out. I basically made friends with everyone and some of them are still my friends up until today. I remembered being bullied for just a short amount of time (thank God!). I met my first crush when I was in third grade and there have been a lot of activities and school works but I survived those. I was definitely shy and I’m just glad I made a lot of friends who helped me through those years.


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High school definitely was full of drama and awkward phases. I was active in high school so I definitely went to a lot of camps and schools out of town. I was friends with a lot of students because I was involved in school government and also because my mom is a teacher there. I think students had that respect for me because I had that leverage from them. Also, I had my first boyfriend in high school. I became more aware of my identity and I made a lot of lifelong friends. It was that easy for me because I had the support from those people who became family for four years. It was all laughs and games and I can never imagine my life without them.


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College is all about survival. Everything I went through is for surviving and I made friends with such a cool bunch throughout those difficult years. We needed each others’ support and we cared about each other. When you’ve been friends with the same familiar people, I realize that it’s harder making one when you’re older. And when you are preparing yourself for the bigger picture, it’s truly nice to have someone to rely to and to get some much needed support from, emotionally and mentally. The hardest part about maintaining my relationship with them though is planning quality time with them. We live really far from each other and we can’t see each other for months but it’s a good thing that we live in a modern world and my friends are just one chat away.


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Adulthood is far more different than making friends in school. Now that I’m a professional, I started making friends with professionals too by joining a local organization. I think I need that leverage and that kind of familiarity to be able to prepare my self for my chosen career. I associated myself with people who have more experience than me so that I could get myself around the workplace and the society all in all.

So far, everything worked fine for me. I already started preparing my social stamina so that I could build and forge more in the following years. I am beyond grateful for those steps I took and blessed to be able to rise up every time I trip. I am thankful for the friends I made along the way. They have been very helpful to me and I’m keeping them as long as I could. It’s been one hell of a ride with them and I couldn’t ask for more!

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