Sneaker Head

When it comes to comfort and style, sneakers are always the best go-to trend. I love how Athleisure paved the way to our favorite sneakers and I’m sensing that it will be here to stay. We also did see a lot of transformations to our favorite sneakers and they’re all good but nothing’s better than the classics too. They already came in a variety of colors and style, and I am definitely sure that investing in these cool trends would be worth it.

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Beautiful Spaces

Some inspirations for my future home. I love these shelf designs so much that I definitely want these things to be included in my future abode. I am a sucker for interior and decor designing and I am aiming for a beautiful walk-in closet. I love staying organized and what better way to do it than having a spacious room to make this all happen.

Photo: Haute Off The Rack
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest