Dear Younger Me

I have a lot of things to tell you and although I’m not too old enough for stuff like this, still you need to be aware that you have been through a lot and I’m so proud of what you have become. You have been alive for 21 years and everything went your way and some went awry but you still managed to get up and brave the storm. You are already amazing for staying incredibly strong despite the anxieties and the worries that your mind had been through.

Even if I’m just starting my 20s, I cannot fathom how you learned all those life lessons and how you endured all those hardships and troubles. You still have a long way to go. You haven’t even started the next chapter of your life, yet you’re here still facing your nightmares and still hoping and praying for a much better life. There are really things you can’t learn without experiencing it, and it’s alright to feel dumb at first. As what I’ve mentioned, you have a long way to go and you can still right all the wrongs. You can still opt for the right path so give yourself a break.

First, I want to tell you that it’s okay to live at your own pace. You don’t have to compare to other’s achievements. You don’t have to live at other’s expectations, too. Just be yourself and be thankful for your own small steps because they are still vital for reaching the top. Just take your time and never rush because things might be slower now but you will be there at your own finish line before you even know it.

Second, do not jump into a situation you’re not ready to deal with. Because it will end so badly and you will regret it for the rest of your life. It can even destroy a relationship and if you cannot do intermediate intervention, it can also destroy and end your wonderful life. Just be thankful for the little things and never ever jump in just because it’s an open pit.

Third, do not live a life full of lies. It will creep on you like a bad habit and make you miserable for the rest of your life. Just be truthful and avoid situations that could end in dishonesty and betrayal.

Fourth, do not worship Amy Elliot Dunne because she’s not a heroine.

Fifth, learn to save your money. It will help you in your financial endeavor and can take you places you have never been. It can also aid with your anxieties and stresses because whenever you need to heal, shopping is your medicine.

Sixth, learn to notice and appreciate those people who have been by your side through the ups and downs. Also, spend more time with them because you need to be socially healthy.
Being with those people who matter is important because whenever you need a pat in the back or a shoulder to cry on, these people will be there to keep you company.

Seventh, take note of those people who are bound to break you. You might not be expecting it, but they are already stabbing you at the back. Just learn to forgive and forget but kill them with kindness and slap them with your success.

Eighth, do not stop taking pictures. Your future self will thank you a lot for snapping those photos. Also, print them as soon as possible. Pictures are cherished more when it’s tucked in a photo album than posted in a social media.

Ninth, take your parents’ advice. You would have been a good pianist if you have taken your dad’s advice and you would have been a graceful ballerina if you have taken your mom’s advice.

Tenth, sleep while you still can. As you grow older, you will be losing a lot of sleep so cherish all those nights when you can still snuggle with your pillows and blankets. If you want to reach your goals, you need to lose a lot of precious sleeping hours.

Lastly, do not put yourself in a situation that could make you uncomfortable. Put yourself first because life is too short to care about stuff that won’t even matter for the next few years. If life finally grants you what you need, grab it and do not set it free. But if it’s only meant to be temporary, then release it. You don’t need that kind of fleeting vibe in your life. Always remember that you deserve the best and if you have enough courage and patience, your future self can wait.

x   o   x   o


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