Why Adult Life Scares Me

source: pinterest.com

Now that I passed the board exam, I can’t help but think that this is finally the start of a life in the real world. I am so happy that I don’t have to study anymore and I’ll be working soon, but I can’t shake off the thought that the day will come that I’ll be living away from the comfort of our very home – in which I basically lived my life for two decades already.

Adult life scares me, heck, I don’t even want be called an adult. I love this feeling where I sleep most of the time and my mom doesn’t even care because she felt like I should be catching up on sleep and that our helper can handle things around the house on her own. But when that adult “time” comes, which is inevitable for God’s sake, I may or may not be the best adult I ought to be.

Here are 15 reasons why adult life scares me:

  1. I hate making doctor’s appointments. Because if there’s one thing I’m dependent to my mother about, it’s making doctor’s appointments and even though I’m a nurse, the doctor’s judgments freak me out all the time!
  2. Sleeping all alone in a house/apartment. Because I fear the day when I will be having my own crib without a companion. But I decided I’ll be inviting friends over so that we can share the whole house/apartment, maybe?
  3. Cleaning the bathroom/comfort room. Because I hate the idea of cleaning it.
  4. Taking out trash. Because it’s dirty and smelly and wet.
  5. Mounds of laundry. Because I love to change clothes a lot and I fear the day will come when I’ll be washing my own clothes. Also, it saps out all my energy just by looking at mountains of it.
  6. Eating fast foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because I love cooking but cooking doesn’t love me back.
  7. Paying MY bills. Because you can’t live independently without the bills.
  8. Asking your parents for money. Because you admit defeat when you ask for it.
  9. Defective stuff. Because a leaking gasoline tank will never put you to sleep. Things like that.
  10. Attempting to fix everything. Because I just can’t fix everything.
  11. Attempts of avoiding my responsibilities. Because it will creep on me like monsters underneath my bed.
  12. Spending on things even though I don’t want to. Like taxes, maybe?
  13. Buying things that make me feel like an adult. Like hydrochloric acid and dish-washing soaps.
  14. Eating on paper plates with plastic spoons and forks. Because I hate to dish-wash.
  15. Calculating funds. Because I don’t want to spend my one month salary in one sitting.


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