Open Letter


It’s been two months since I graduated and it never occurred to me that my four years of college life was finally over. I relied on the fact that I was still going to see them for two months of pure review for the board examinations. Now, I’m torn between depression and anxiety because I don’t know what’s coming up next. And waiting for the Nursing Licensure Exam results are not helping either.

For the past days, I have been avoiding everything that could trigger a memory. Facebook’s not helping because it keeps bringing up the past! And as much as I love my history, I don’t like bringing up my past because all of my emotions would drown me until I’m out of breath and miserable.

I’ve been doing my best and I’m pretty smart to divert my attention to Supernatural’s Sam and Dean Winchester. I have been praying so hard as well. Harder than I thought I can ever do. I have been asking for grace and mercy as well as strength and patience to carry all of these until something happens.

I have been strong and confident and the Lord reassured me that indeed something will happen (I asked for signs!). I knew it and I felt it. I just need to trust Him because He won’t fail us all. For now, I need to dust off the negativity and anxiety and reboot my system. I will also never forget to P.U.S.H. harder and harder. Pray Until Something Happens!

x   o   x   o


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