New Year, New Me



It’s already been a week since we welcomed new year. It was a bittersweet feeling for me because as much as I want to welcome 2016, it means that holidays will be over and my dad’s flying back to work. Not to mention also going back to school for the next three months. Nonetheless, 2015 was awesome. A lot of things happened in its most unexpected ways and I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to embrace it all.

Now that 2016’s here, I’ve decided to be more positive in my everyday endeavor. I believe that this is my year and I want everything to be awesome as much as possible. This year will also be the start of a new journey since I am going to graduate on April and I’m so excited to finally get out of college. I never liked college but I’ve met great friends along the way and they all matter.

Also, what I want in 2016 is to prioritize myself and run after my dreams while at the same time brushing off criticism and halting negativity that I can’t really stop from coming my way. I want to try harder not to be crushed by those dark energies and work hard until I go far in life. I know I have to keep going even though life makes it harder sometimes. I also believe that I deserve all of life’s greatness alongside my family, friends and most importantly God.

Please be good to me, 2016!

x   o   x   o