Bucket List: A Date on the Ice Skating Rink


I have a lot of things written on my bucket list and one of those is to have a date on the ice rink. I think it’s just so magical to spend time with “the one” on a snowing December night, just skating your way through, holding each other’s hands so to keep your balance. I just think it’s a great and fun idea.

I’ve seen a lot of dates like this in movies and television shows, and I kind of find it very romantic. I would love it if my future love will do this to me. It’s one of the most epic dates ever existed and it will really sweep me off my feet. I have never in my entire life tried ice skating and I don’t know if I could still balance (I had roller blades when I was a kid). And then after skating, we could go have hot chocolate together and it would be really fun.

x   o   x   o



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