Getting Dressed


I’m the kind of girl who is constantly on the go so I really choose my clothes closely when buying them. I prioritize comfort over style and then I just make the most out of it. I love fashion and everything that comes with it but I also wanted to feel good in my own skin.

I’m not one of those perfect people out there. I’m petite, definitely not skinny and I don’t have that flawless skin but it doesn’t mean I can’t dress nicely and fashionably. I just have to wear my clothes and top it off with confidence and I’m good to go!

As much as possible, I wanted everything to be easy and simple but I’ll make sure it would look classy and sophisticated once I wear them on. I always dreamed of donning a look without much effort but at the same time, it would looked like I have spent hours preparing for it. I want everyone to think I poured all my efforts for a single look and I love getting compliments at the end of the day. It really fattens my heart but I definitely make sure it doesn’t climb up my head.

x   o   x   o


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