Pray for Paris

Photo from Pinterest
Photo from Pinterest

The Paris attacks on Friday left me speechless and brokenhearted. It’s saddening that such cruelty happens like, why would people go on a killing spree? What are they trying to prove? Many people lost their loved ones because of undetermined reasons. We still don’t know the whole story, the actual cause of why terrorists attacks. Is it really out of weakness, losing territory or to keep the war going?

According to CNN, 129 people were dead and 352 people were wounded. This is ruthless and very merciless. We haven’t had the idea that these will all happen so I’m pouring all my prayers to Paris to hold on, be strong and never weep out of fear. These things are inevitable and what we have are prayers and one another.

When they turned off the lights of Eiffel Tower and when the whole world showed support by lighting their famous landmarks to the like of the France flag, my heart sank out of misery because this just don’t happen all the time. The love and support was huge and I was also thinking, why can’t we do the same to other countries who also had fallen victims caused by war and terrorism? Violence happens everyday and to think some of us are blind to even notice what is happening all around us.

Either way, I lay all my thoughts and prayers to France. Be strong, be united, be brave. We cannot really say that war will end soon but this is an eye-opener. It’s time to be conscious of what’s happening around us. It never gets peaceful, by the way, and we should also show our support not only to one country but to the rest of the world. Let’s hope and pray that soon this will all end and that all of us will be united regardless of religion, race and culture.

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