Bucket List: A Date on the Ice Skating Rink


I have a lot of things written on my bucket list and one of those is to have a date on the ice rink. I think it’s just so magical to spend time with “the one” on a snowing December night, just skating your way through, holding each other’s hands so to keep your balance. I just think it’s a great and fun idea.

I’ve seen a lot of dates like this in movies and television shows, and I kind of find it very romantic. I would love it if my future love will do this to me. It’s one of the most epic dates ever existed and it will really sweep me off my feet. I have never in my entire life tried ice skating and I don’t know if I could still balance (I had roller blades when I was a kid). And then after skating, we could go have hot chocolate together and it would be really fun.

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Road to Success

(Left to right) Sahara, Klarisse, Alyssa, Kim, Jo Zsa, Ma’am Retirado, Shaira, Mina, Jhong, Mariah, Me, Claudia

My life as a student nurse is a rollercoaster ride. Tears had been shed, laughs have been shared, and coffees had been spilled. But what makes this journey more fulfilling is the purpose of helping almost everybody. In my four years at WVSU, I have learned a lot of the basic and the complicated procedures. Caring for others’ well-being might be stressful but the gratitude I receive at the end of the day makes me forget about the day’s work. There’s so much more to it than just nursing.

This photo was taken on the 4th floor at West Visayas State University Medical Center. It’s where we practice and enhance our skills and where we meet a lot of sick people to nurse. This have been our 1st rotation for our last semester in college and it was a bittersweet experience while counting the days until graduation. I’m sure I’m gonna miss these people who were by my side since we started our 4th year.

Everything was tough for us. We were on the verge of breaking down to pieces every time we encounter a lot of challenges. But look where we are now. We are on our road to success. Just a few more months and we will finally receive our diplomas and walk the stage proud. I don’t want to think about it now and I know it is inevitable but as much as I want to graduate, I still can’t take it knowing that we will leave each other and go on our own separate lives.

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Getting Dressed


I’m the kind of girl who is constantly on the go so I really choose my clothes closely when buying them. I prioritize comfort over style and then I just make the most out of it. I love fashion and everything that comes with it but I also wanted to feel good in my own skin.

I’m not one of those perfect people out there. I’m petite, definitely not skinny and I don’t have that flawless skin but it doesn’t mean I can’t dress nicely and fashionably. I just have to wear my clothes and top it off with confidence and I’m good to go!

As much as possible, I wanted everything to be easy and simple but I’ll make sure it would look classy and sophisticated once I wear them on. I always dreamed of donning a look without much effort but at the same time, it would looked like I have spent hours preparing for it. I want everyone to think I poured all my efforts for a single look and I love getting compliments at the end of the day. It really fattens my heart but I definitely make sure it doesn’t climb up my head.

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Here by: Alessia Cara

I’m addicted to Alessia Cara’s song Here because it kinda represents me as a person. I love parties but not those kinds where I don’t know everyone. I’d rather throw a party with a small group of people provided that I know them all, heart and soul. You know what I mean?

It’s been like a culture already for us youngsters to have parties all the time. I, too, likes to hold house parties but I don’t invite a lot of people. I only welcome those who are closest to me and they are enough for a night of shenanigans.

Well you might say that I have an introvert personality but that’s me and I can never change me. I love meeting new people but I never want to meet them all at once. I like to keep things easy and I only want to meet people one by one. It’s actually draining if a lot of unknown people surrounds me.

I am an alone person. I get things done when I’m alone. I am happy when I’m alone. But I also know the importance of being with someone. I appreciate my friends for being there, all of them. They serve as my emotional wall and I understand that God gave them to me to laugh with me, to be able to be shoulders where I could cry on, and to be able to encourage me to do things beyond my ability. I am thankful for that but sometimes, being alone is what a person needs also. It’s how I learn to be happy, to be free, to be independent and to be confident in my own skin.

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Pray for Paris

Photo from Pinterest
Photo from Pinterest

The Paris attacks on Friday left me speechless and brokenhearted. It’s saddening that such cruelty happens like, why would people go on a killing spree? What are they trying to prove? Many people lost their loved ones because of undetermined reasons. We still don’t know the whole story, the actual cause of why terrorists attacks. Is it really out of weakness, losing territory or to keep the war going?

According to CNN, 129 people were dead and 352 people were wounded. This is ruthless and very merciless. We haven’t had the idea that these will all happen so I’m pouring all my prayers to Paris to hold on, be strong and never weep out of fear. These things are inevitable and what we have are prayers and one another.

When they turned off the lights of Eiffel Tower and when the whole world showed support by lighting their famous landmarks to the like of the France flag, my heart sank out of misery because this just don’t happen all the time. The love and support was huge and I was also thinking, why can’t we do the same to other countries who also had fallen victims caused by war and terrorism? Violence happens everyday and to think some of us are blind to even notice what is happening all around us.

Either way, I lay all my thoughts and prayers to France. Be strong, be united, be brave. We cannot really say that war will end soon but this is an eye-opener. It’s time to be conscious of what’s happening around us. It never gets peaceful, by the way, and we should also show our support not only to one country but to the rest of the world. Let’s hope and pray that soon this will all end and that all of us will be united regardless of religion, race and culture.

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