Our world today revolves around the social media. Everything we do are automatically posted into any social medium may it be Facebook or Instagram. These sites are increasingly becoming a part of our lives and it had been the easier way to show people what we wore, who had been with us, where we have been, or even what we have eaten. Well, it’s ‘post it or it didn’t happen’ kind of thing.

Being an avid fan of social media myself, I have witnessed a lot of things that happened not just to bloggers but also with a lot of common people. One of the most common things I do and even noticed among the netizens is that we share a lot of photos of the foods we are about to eat. We kinda find it fun to share those about-to-be-eaten foods, don’t we?

So here are the 10 beautifully plated and creatively arranged photos of foods from Instagram that somehow made our mouths water and caused our tummies to grumble.










(source: INSTAGRAM)


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