Another look by me. The dress was a gift from my “manito” on our Christmas Party in our freshman year. I love the dress so much and I always wear it to church. I paired it with my mom’s wedges because I’m not really the kind of girl who would buy such. I’m more of like a flats slash sneakers girl. Luckily for me, mom lets me borrow things from her wardrobe!

Today was hectic. We started the class with a quiz which I didn’t study last night. I think I survived it although I am not so sure about my score. I was also on NPO, consuming only two cans of coffee which is a very unhealthy way to live. Now I suffer from palpitations and I can’t control it unless I sleep this off. Why is that you ask? Because we had another quiz just this afternoon and although I got more time to eat my lunch, I still opted for the coffee because I was not hungry at all. Our afternoon session pushed through and I listened attentively to our Leadership and Management class because my instructor is so dreamy and inspiring at the same time! Now I’m rumbling. I just couldn’t stop my thoughts. Okay I’ll stop now.



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