Another look by me. The dress was a gift from my “manito” on our Christmas Party in our freshman year. I love the dress so much and I always wear it to church. I paired it with my mom’s wedges because I’m not really the kind of girl who would buy such. I’m more of like a flats slash sneakers girl. Luckily for me, mom lets me borrow things from her wardrobe!

Today was hectic. We started the class with a quiz which I didn’t study last night. I think I survived it although I am not so sure about my score. I was also on NPO, consuming only two cans of coffee which is a very unhealthy way to live. Now I suffer from palpitations and I can’t control it unless I sleep this off. Why is that you ask? Because we had another quiz just this afternoon and although I got more time to eat my lunch, I still opted for the coffee because I was not hungry at all. Our afternoon session pushed through and I listened attentively to our Leadership and Management class because my instructor is so dreamy and inspiring at the same time! Now I’m rumbling. I just couldn’t stop my thoughts. Okay I’ll stop now.




Simple, vintage and feminine. This is how I would describe this look. I bought this dress in a very low bargain price and I thought it will not look good on me. But you can never go wrong with a little twitching, right? I added some vintage pieces into this look like that sling bag from my mom’s. She never use it anymore and so she let me borrow it. I also put on a belt to update the shape of the dress. Belts are great if you want to make your waist more appealing or if you just want to add more vibe into your look.

Also, last week was so tiring. There had been a lot of exams and homeworks to deal with. And it’s so depressing but also a relief to go through all of them. When I went home though, I received some beautiful dresses and sweet treats from my aunt in UK! Somehow, my happiness level went from zero to a hundred. Now, I look forward for more OOTDs and Lookbooks, well, when I’m free from all the school stuff.